7 digital friends that your business will need to succeed

Every business needs support, whether it is from a strong workforce or digital applications. That can help you manage your processes. There are a wide variety of companies that provide digital solutions to your business needs. Every company these days needs a few select ‘digital friends’ to help it grow. And these are some of the best companies out there that can support your firm.


This iPhone app allows users to save files onto their own personal computer and then access them remotely via mobile devices. This can be a particularly useful app. If you need to read large files on the move that are too big to be emailed.

tools for business


An excellent app for freelancers, this service automatically logs the amount of time you spend working for an individual client. Helping you keep your invoices accurate and reliable.


If you need a wide range of digital business solutions, this is the company for you. One of the firm’s most popular pieces of software is its electronic signature service. This allows the remote signing of any digital contract by a user, saving on the cost of printing long documents and then faxing them back. The service can also cut down on administrative costs and save time.

tools for bizz


Have you ever left your house in a rush and then realized that you left that important presentation on your home computer without bringing a copy with you? This app can solve this problem for you forever! You can use this service to log into your computer from your phone. You will need to set up a security code and password on your computer. But once you have done this, you can save and edit the files that are stored there. And send them from your computer to your phone or another destination for use later.

BlackBerry Messenger

These days, a BlackBerry is a key purchase for any serious businessman. Being able to keep in contact with your clients on the move is essential for the growth of any firm. This app provides you with an unlimited number of free text messages. That can be sent from any BlackBerry user to another – great for keeping in touch with important clients, as well as saving you money!


Google Mobile Apps

Google’s services are some of the most used on the market, and this app provides you with mobile access to its most popular features. Using this, you can access Gmail, Google Reader and Google Maps all from your phone from any location where you have a signal.


Keeping on top of events in your calender is important for any businessman. However, how can you be sure that your colleagues and clients know your whereabouts and can reach you when you are available? This app allows them to access your personal calendar. Where they can book appointments or rearrange meetings for a time that suits everybody.

The modern businessman can now streamline many of his business processes by using services from online companies. And these are some of the best. Which will you incorporate into your business strategies?

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